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Excellent idea and done with such detail and fun.Public Warning (not my work)

Interviews with my grandmothers about what made them who they are.

Both my grandfathers died and I felt I did not take out the time to speak to them at all about their lives. This is a documentation of stories told.The film is about my two grandmothers talking about the incidents that shaped them. These women talk about their memories and their lives.

About the personal being political.

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Kill me with a flutter of your eye.(not my work)

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Part of Mindscape. My ongoing project.


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I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan since I was 16. It’s been about the same time since i’ve been using these lyrics in life as metaphors or even as arguments to myself. So it is fitting to do this sometimes. More here

For every boring neverending routine there is order awaiting you. A possibility for your brain to get used to the necessary things so you can slot exciting things in the day. No matter how small.

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