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Questioning all existing thoughts one has can be tiring but sometimes its a healthy exercise. I am quite fond of writing but this year so many new things have happened and are still happening. In order to make space for them one sometimes leaves the other older things u felt were important so here’s to some addition of the old favourite things to the new year along with the new! Have  yourself a Merry Christmas!

Unforgettable, that’s what some images are. Perhaps the use of colour, perhaps the tragic humour, maybe the twisted idea or perhaps its the sheer beauty. You will see some things that just make you want to stop and look at them. That cut across all thought in your brain and make sure that you want to think about them. Where do you get your inspiration from? I look and look and look through images Sometimes when an idea or an image is striking I note it down, or draw it in my diary. Now when I get a fresh assignment, I sift through these things hungrily to make some sort of connection. Sometimes its synonyms to a word. At other times it’s other artists’ works. But I do love it when there is just one electric spark. From the concept to the thumbnail. Just one stupid fun idea which your boss finds interesting. I love it, then I feel.. hey …to the millions of beautiful or funny things in the world – this here is my tiny dot, to add towards it all. Mine…my precious. Nothing is original but anyway, there’s a humbling warmth in knowing that you have a brain that sometimes works quite well.

I made a speech explaining my point of view, justifying why I’m not quite sure of what I want to do for the next 40 years of my life


L ove the guy. Love the song. How does one even begin?? This song qualifies as the winter blues drive away. And look at the man – just look at him!

‘If my shirt was buttoned to the top, it would lead to lesbian renaissance’