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A curious mind and an observant eye: that’s what classifies Samia’s work. Born into a family in which the arts as a tradition are highly valued, she is on the lookout for new stories and ideas,. Always carrying her sketchbook, collecting the things that are happening around her. In interaction with the world, she is constantly getting inspired from peculiarities in daily life and is able to turn everything into a story.
She lives to extract the most interesting part out of anything. Always eager to find new ways of executing her art, she expresses herself through her narrative and fresh artwork in a variety of media, ranging from carefully executed etchings to light handed sketches, from hilarious comics to colorful landscapes, from quirky portraits of her friends and unknown neighbors to elaborate digital illustrations.

Samia explores humor & storytelling through illustration, print making, graphic design, sculpture and music.
She is currently setting up her studio and an artist residency with her family in Preet Nagar, District Amritsar, India.



  • Samia’s film Tread Softly and her short animation My Self Assured Companion were shown at the Video Art Festival in Mumbai and the New Indian Film and Animation showcase in Singapore by The Guild, Mumbai.


  • She worked as an associate art director for Tehelka magazine in New Delhi for three years.
  • Debut group show A Return to Circles in The Attic, Connaught Place, New Delhi.



  • Two weeks solo artist residency at Uttarayan Art Foundation, Vadodara, India.
  • Samia was invited for a street art project,  by the city council: Concello Carballo & Derrubando Muros con Pintura  to Carballo, A Coruña, Spain.
  • Three weeks artist residency with her artist collective Intercontinental Rollercoaster Club at the Uttarayan Art Foundation, Baroda, India.
  • The Intercontinental Rollercoaster Club‘s collective show was held on 28th November in New Delhi at S47, Panchsheel Park.


Samia’s portfolio is here

Most work is licensed under  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.5/in/

She can be found at samiasingh@gmail.com