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We have a meeting every Thursday in office. It’s a good time to draw people. Another good time is when you are travelling on a Train and somebody is asleep opposite you.

In the middle of the night I saw that yesterday was the first day of winter chill coming in. The auto guy was wearing a shawl. And on the way back from a late night movie two men taking a stroll on the road were opening up a shawl each to wrap around themselves. The autumn collections are in the shops shouting out for love. I went and picked up my winter clothes from home. There’s a dry freshness in the wind in the mornings that reminds me of the hills. So here’s to my first entire winter spent in north India. I have been in the south for the past 5 years and would only come home for a week or so in winter. I look forward to so many things. There will be winter photos up in this post from time to time.

A regressive robot moments before his suicide. Story here

Its fun to be formulating a worldview as you grow up. I always liked working on things. I don’t function too well with absolutely nothing to do. I always find things to keep me busy(after the book reading, cooking, watching tv phases). Now that i think about it – If I had to say what is the most rewarding time spent in a day? It’s work. There is no expectation from people. There isn’t any let downs. You cannot blame anybody for anything. It’s you fighting against yourself to make things you love.To reach the quality you believe is a good standard. So I wouldn’t go as far as saying i’m moving away from people and into work. Neither would I qualify as a workaholic but I do believe that the largest (and quietest) pillar of my strength is the volume and variety of the work that I create.

I’ve been working on an animation for the past week besides the usual work. It’s sad that its too short, but thats all we need for the credits. You can see it  HERE

dvd design for Simon Chambers’ film.

for the series of four posters on music done for shubha mudgal.

“The darkness inside was symbolic of the demons the house was fighting”