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The sweetest sleep is just before waking up. Insane dreams have been adding to my already information rich life. I love dreams. I love the magnetic waves of emotion they bring.  I wish there was a way to gather their essences. Here’s a gist of a feeling. Do you particularly remember something dreamy? A photo, a song, a film? Would you like a dream visualised? Which one?? PS: I love .gifs

– Full of hope and desire.

More Mindscape? What do you think of these? Good, bad, pathetic, vague, interesting? Throw any words.

From my ongoing project : Mindscape.

Todays thing for my ongoing project, Mindscape 

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Part of Mindscape. My ongoing project.


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I’ve been listening to Bob Dylan since I was 16. It’s been about the same time since i’ve been using these lyrics in life as metaphors or even as arguments to myself. So it is fitting to do this sometimes. More here

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