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thers prick you sometimes. You compare yourself with them. You feel insecure. You feel small. You feel empty. This is to tell you that all people go through the same things. They are timed differently. Everybody ends up at the same place. My gdad told me so. I believe it. So don’t fret, if you want to fret – fret for an hour max and then let your senses guide you back to the good place.

From my ongoing project : Mindscape.

Todays thing for my ongoing project, Mindscape 

A short byDominic Boudreault

“Surrounded with my inner turmoils, i’m afraid to say I sometimes entirely forgot to look outside my window.”

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At the age of 87, my grandmum passed away on Monday, May 3rd. We discovered she had Cancer in December 2010, she went through 4 rounds of Chemo which is a lot for an old person. I will miss her for her neverending stories and her ever present love and attention.