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Perhaps you’d remember the previous video i’d posted on these guys. Here’s some more on them and what makes their work what it is. Last post here

I love t mobile . Interesting, fun and touching at the same time. I love their work.

Unmissable. Love how elegant and honest everyone sounds.

Wonder how the hell these are suspended. It’s an idea which most would shun aside as too simplistic. I like the fact that it’s been carried out and so well! Images by Melvin Sokolsky in Paris, for Harper’s Bazaar, 1963.

Very thrilled at painting this wall. I find it a bit deflating that until I am asked, I hardly do self initiated work (except computer illustrations)< Bad Behaviour. Since I got my new house, I have been planning things for little corners – sculptures and painting the walls and all sorts of fun things. You shall be seeing some new sort of stuff – handmade is the key word. So, without further delay I invite my friend the octupus, he is still a bit shaken at being pulled out of the water and is still gathering all of his self. But all the line work is almost done, some more things are coming with him and I will update you on that once he feels a bit more together. BONUS* a special photo of this weeks favourite book.

Something is stirring on the wall in office. I haven’t hand drawn things for what feels like eternity. I love painting. ┬áMy new house is going to see some more action on this front. Have you recently done something at your house yourself? Made a corner look special or made a lamp? Such a thrill. Will update with photos as the octopus progresses.

Scientist Dr. Mohamed Babu from Mysore discovered some Magic. Read more here