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in my dreams
i see you
in my dreams i am
who i wish to be
in my dreams
i travel
to all the places
i want to be
in my dreams
i fix
all that has gone wrong
in my dreams
i am strong
i my dreams
i live
now i awake
to live

in moments like this

at a standstill

i miss my old city

and the hills

with the trees that stood still

and the rain

(who can say anything about it? )

just to see it again today

in moments like this

i would stand still

to be cleaned
like the city
of all that went on
and smell fresh breeze

i dont need anything more

just this.

Welcome the destruction
Welcome the fear
Welcome the unknown
that stands beside us here

I am stronger now
than i have ever been
i am weaker now
and again will be

Welcome loneliness
welcome solitude
welcome the fine line
that separates them

Only when you are destroyed
will you know your true nature
only when alone
when treated unkind

The mind is intelligent
it will see you through
but only when you bow down,
to see yourself get untwined.

Who do you bow down to?
A lover?

For he will never be mine forever.

To money?
For it will never be enough.

To god?
For he does not exist.

To beauty?
For it is tricky.

To friends?
They are my shoulders,
as I am their’s.

To family?


They are my feet,
as I am their’s.

I bow to myself
for that is what i construct
through books and art
and strings of the heart.

(mistake it not for pride)