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No time. Not an hour a day to think. Not two. But sometimes an extensive dip into the soul is required. Life’s waters mostly take you along. Sometimes one has to steer, shift slight directions, or gather spirit and scream down waterfalls. All quite exciting really. Here’s some sketching from some time spent lately.


I have found a new admiration for dogs.When in dire need of a subject and nothing interesting appears, always rely on yourself.
My uncle spends hours on his table near the window. Newspapers, Breakfast, Sudoku, Crosswords and finally Vodka mark his day.Some men eating peanuts on a train station that the train stopped on for 5 minutes. I did a quick line drawing and then coloured it after the train moved away from them.


Some men were working on weeding the pea field. What nice sunlight and peace the ending of a winter brings.

My fellow traveller wasn’t feeling too well. He slept most of the journey in this pose. His grandson wanted to take a photo so asked me to write his name and Malaysia before taking it.

This is the gate to the driveway from my home in my village.

Waiting for a seat. Sometimes one doesn’t get a ticket. So you just have to get on the train and pay the fine and hope to get a seat soon.

Some of these are sketches done on the way to my village in a train. The rest are places where I like to sit around on the farm where I grew up. My village is called Preet Nagar, its near Amritsar. Punjab, Northern India.

My grandmum was ill. Being on the drip was really tiring and boring for her so I asked her to do some drawings with me.

Goats are so difficult to draw. They are never still so I did quick sketches of them all on one page.

Dogs are easier

We have a meeting every Thursday in office. It’s a good time to draw people. Another good time is when you are travelling on a Train and somebody is asleep opposite you.


Mandvi is a port town in Northwestern India. Ships are built here by hand. Gigantic wooden ships which are a delight to look at. And the people who work so hard on creating these masterpeices.Aina mahal is a strange palace in Bhuj, Gujarat. It is a mixture of Mughal and Dutch architechture. The building was old and Mughal, then the king travelled and found a Dutch designer and asked him to build the last wing which had not yet been constructed! So its a strange building. In the old city you suddenly see a cathedral like structure.aina-mahal