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Perhaps its time to consider castration as a punishment for rape in India. Thanks to Nishita for the discussion before her write up.

I have loved this song for 6 years now, enough time to dedicate a poster. You can hear it here

Who can deny feeling the unbreakable pull of existentialism? I like to keep it at a low flame. And as we all know, the final answer is 42. But we try. Here is my humourless ode to today’s work blues. Evenings can never nearly be as good as mornings, when it comes to keeping your chin up. On a positive note, absolutely loving early morning running and sweating it out.

If you lie awake late into the night, early morning. If you suffer from a mind full of questions. Every night. Remember. You must get out of that bed, as near as sunrise as you can and go outside and not come back into the house for at least 2 hours. Okay one and a half – because you are new. Get out and exercise. Run, cycle, swim, walk, dance, skate, row, yoga – even a gym. Just get out early and life will get much better. But you have to keep at it. Don’t stop. Ever. If you can manage that – you will be what you have always wanted to be. Promise.