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I went to Manali to meet the inspiring Indian Olympian Shiva Keshavan and his beautiful and equally inspiring wife and sports manager Namita two weeks ago. I spent five days with them, hanging around at an advertisement shoot and speaking to them and Rosalba (Keshavans mother) about Luge, the sports scene in India, winter sport here and what it takes to be focussed on such a dream. So here’s some of their story thats written and illustrated (for the first time) by me; published in this week’s Tehelka. Pick up a copy or read it here┬áBig thankyou to my art director Sudeep Chaudhuri for letting me out of office for this.

BJP member writes about his trip to Kashmir on Republic Day. Story here.


Mandvi is a port town in Northwestern India. Ships are built here by hand. Gigantic wooden ships which are a delight to look at. And the people who work so hard on creating these masterpeices.Aina mahal is a strange palace in Bhuj, Gujarat. It is a mixture of Mughal and Dutch architechture. The building was old and Mughal, then the king travelled and found a Dutch designer and asked him to build the last wing which had not yet been constructed! So its a strange building. In the old city you suddenly see a cathedral like structure.aina-mahal