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My first assignment of this year was a book by Arathi Menon. I just got to see it fresh from the press! Written with good humour and insight, this book speaks about a woman’s journey through the end of a marriage and her route to getting back to being the person she was. I had a good time creating this with constructive feedback from the author and the Pan Macmillan team. Below is a quick look-through of the cover design’s process. cover_Leaving home_SamiaSingh back_leavinghome_SamiaSinghin the shelf3LeavingHomeWithHalfAFridge_SamiaSingh

I went to Manali to meet the inspiring Indian Olympian Shiva Keshavan and his beautiful and equally inspiring wife and sports manager Namita two weeks ago. I spent five days with them, hanging around at an advertisement shoot and speaking to them and Rosalba (Keshavans mother) about Luge, the sports scene in India, winter sport here and what it takes to be focussed on such a dream. So here’s some of their story thats written and illustrated (for the first time) by me; published in this week’s Tehelka. Pick up a copy or read it here Big thankyou to my art director Sudeep Chaudhuri for letting me out of office for this.

Todays trial and error has resulted in this. Vectors can be fun. I’m learning how.

and meeting courage instead.

I present Tehelka’s new year special fiction issue dedicated to Romance. Fog has delayed many trains in the country. While I wait for my train to move, I find the best thing on the bookstore’s stands. My first ever issue design. My art director asked me to design it as a whole package to get a feel of things. Doing a few inputs here and there vs looking after the whole issue has made me quite confident and curious about techniques, time, finish and quality. Short fictions written by AMITAVA KUMAR • SOURABH RATNU • KALKI KOECHLIN • MUSHARRAF ALI FAROOQI • NABARUN BHATTACHARYA • SUNITI NAMJOSHI • SR FARUQI • RAHUL SONI • JUGAL MODY • KR MEERA • SIDDHARTH CHOWDHURY • PRASHANT MIRANDA • AKSHAT VERMA • SNEHA RAJARAM Featuring illustrations by Anand Naorem, Pia Alize Hazarika, Somesh Kumar, Ashish Naorem, Aastha Mittal (work featured on cover), Prashant Miranda, Smruthi Gargi Eshwar, Devashish Guruji and me.

My special thankyou to Rishabh Arora for the magnificient menu he has designed for the issue and most of all to Sudeep Chaudhuri, my art director – who’s work and spirit are inspiring.

Soon we might have to pay to see a woman (like we do for a giraffe) as the sex ratio plunges deeper than the bore well machines. These here are part of a campaign on the girl child. Logo, illustration and design in a HURRY like never before. Nisha Susan is the conceptualiser. I am the visualiser. Soon we might need a nebuliser. What do you think ?

Story here

Since childhood you remember some instances that really disturbed you. Some things still really shake you up. Life goes on and you realise that nothing remains as big as it seemed then. Story here

BJP member writes about his trip to Kashmir on Republic Day. Story here.

Last year round up was pretty exciting. Tehelka does a special fiction issue at every year’s end. This one’s theme is Pulp and Noir , short stories written by a variety of writers, and illustrated by a variety of illustrators. Two of those stories written by Shiv Visvanathan and Zac O’ Yeah are illustrated by me. Cover and logo for the issue are designed and illustrated by Sudeep Chaudhuri. Pick up a print for a nice weekend read or check out the stories here, here, and here or the entire menu here. Here < what a weird word>