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One cannot predict what will happen when travelling. Especially travelling to a place that is culturally very different. But professions are a good thing. You meet so many people who are working in similar fields. Its encouraging to know that they are thinking similar thoughts and facing similar problems. I have never felt the need to show my work Рas an everyday practice. I see a lot of my friends in Delhi who are musicians and artists as well. We are all quite comfortable doing our thing at home or in our studios or in our offices and having a show once a year or less. But here in Florence I see everyone is putting their work up. As stickers, as one night shows and sometimes on the streets Рcarrying their amps and just becoming part of the landscape. I am happy to see so many artists and designers and musicians shaping the city Рthe experience of it at least. And I feel ready to join them, you are what your creative output is. And somebody has got to see/listen to these months and years and hours and thoughts you have been working on!!! Get out there!

In the Piazza

while walking around

Graffiti in Firenze

T here’s a slow build up of pressure occurring everyday. A mild escalation day by day. What kind of an idiot borrows money to come study art during the recession???! Haha. Yes that’s one thought. Another is – Why have I come all the way here to Florence? All the way from India. Alone? Oh yes and here’s another: What do you hope to show these people? These ancient race of artists… handicraft is engraved here in every stone, every shoe that’s worn by the pedestrians, every woman who walks in her leather jacket. Italians are great lovers of the right process. Repetition of a process till the finish is impeccable. From cleaning a house to me polishing wood in my wood-cut class. Well, we’ll find out won’t we?

I came here to put myself far far away from my comfort zone. In order to produce something I could be proud of. Now that i’ve been lifted and dropped half way across the world, in the midst of many other cultures. I will begin to understand routine and techniques and soon will have something to show you. Fresh from Italy!