At first I thought I’d do freelance work on and off to work on things which I do not get to do. But a similar conversation always follows: “Hey, I like your work. Can you do something like this for me?” “That much?” “Ok, we don’t want it to look that good. Just do anything. But can you do it fast? Really fast. We need it tomorrow. Also we can not give more than this. Out budget is only this much.” So as a solution I sometimes do work thats close to something i’ve been wanting to do as a hobby lets say. And I do it at my own pace ie reasonably fast but without any hindrance. These things are fun sometimes. I was asked if I wanted to do the illustration and then they said the masthead also could be changed! Here’s a cover that might be out soon. Which one then?Here’s what i thought absolutely failed in terms of legibility and chaos, but its got some votes?!