Hullo everyone! Sorry to have not updated over a long few weeks. Busy days. As I move forward I am working on some assignments longer than others. Tight deadlines are always there but I have made it a point to involve some slow moving assignments as well. Things get to reach the quality mark as well as get the time they deserve. Here’s a painting I just finished. Acrylic on canvas, 2ft x1.5. I had a good time making this and as long as we are human, there is plenty of room to get better but we don’t beat ourselves up about that. We learn and we move forward with those points in our minds for the next time. It’s been lying in the studio so long, I am going to miss it.


Here are some process shots of the painting, sorry about the bad photos but they will give you a good idea of the progression.

Figuring out what goes where and how the light falls.

Moving forward adding some more elements and detailing.

Removing some elements and now cleaning up and adding detail where required.

Almost there

There we some details here that were caused by accident and later were incorporated and those are the best parts! I am really excited to paint more stuff next with oils on wood and hope to put that up as we go along. The mind and hands work quite differently when detailing an acrylic/oil painting when compared to detailing a computer drawn illustration. There is a certain finality of a stroke in painting that doesn’t seem like such a big deal when drawing on the computer. And the textures one can get hand painting are part luck and part accidents really! Here’s to many more!

I also made the logo recently for Million Kitchen, a New Delhi based home food discovery and ordering platform. People can essentially sell their top dishes that they have mastered by recreating them for years! Needless to say, an empowering platform for anyone who wants to set up a small business without risking more than a promise of creating quality cooked home food for thousands of people in offices or living away from home craving non oily budget restaurantey repetiveness!

Million Kitchen logo and identityRight now they are on Andriod only but I hope they will be in the App store soon and Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.47.53 pmhopefully I can make some food and put it up too!

More logos and more websites and more paintings and more sculptures are in the line up next and I will be back with more goodies soon.